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Environment Policy

Thua Thien Hue Mineral Corporation’s slogan is “All for the sake of human and our planet”. Realizing the importance of environment protections, we undertake that:” Exploiting and processing activities must associate with environment protection. Those who takes part in the work of the company must have sense of responsibility, obey the laws of environment protection and other commitments with local inhabitants community. Moreover, environment protection is considered the essential factor that helps us more successful in the business of the company.

The policy environment has been built by our management board consist of these following contents:

  1. Specify the influences on environment through our exploiting and processing activities and products
  2. Obey the laws of environment protection and other requirements involved in as well as trying to apply high technology in available condition to protect the environment.
  3. Set an environment management system in order to maintain the surroundings: fresh air, fresh water,. , prevent the environment pollution and protect the producing environment in the company.
  4. Set an environment management system in order to:
    –  Economize energy
    –  Raise the coefficient of exploiting and processing. Fuel economy and take full advantage of resources
    –  Raise the coefficient  of recycling, reuse raw materials.
    –  Minimize the waste matter. Build the system used to manage waste that badly effects on environment
    –  Use suitable exploiting technology.
    –  Try to make the environment where the exploitation  takes place to its original condition by returning the space and replanting trees.
    –  Have periodical evaluation about environment protection on each exploiting and processing department in the company. Work out plan to adjust the shortcomings.
  5. Share the work to each department involved in executing the environment policy. After that, make the environment protection become the important factor in the company’s business and manufacture activities.
  6. Completely provide means, human resources,.., train the staff ‘s knowledge and heighten their awareness of environment protection.
  7. Corresponding member the opinions of fields involved, providers, customers, inhabitants community and environment experts to share information and perfect the company’s environment policy.
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